A minor child in Canada, who defined under the age of 18 in Ontario and Quebec or 19 in British Columbia and some other provinces, requires a custodian in order to obtain your study permit to study in Canada. Even if the child does not require a study permit to attend school in Canada because his/her studies last 6 months or less. All students who are minors require having a Custodian if they are traveling alone to Canada without their parents or another adult escort or chaperone who will act ‘in loco parentis’.Some private companies or organizations in Canada can act as child’s legal custodian while he or she is in Canada.
Required Documents:
A minor will need additional documents to come to Canada to study without a parent or legal guardian. A minor will need two notarized documents to study in Canada. A notarized document is a document that has been certified by a notary.
1) The first notarized document must be signed by the parents or legal guardians of the minor child in the child’s country of origin.
2) The second notarized document must be signed by the custodian in Canada.
In addition, the child should present the following documents:
3) his own passport, a parent’s passport, even if the child’s details are included in it, cannot be used
4) a copy of his birth certificate, and
5) a letter of authorization, in English or French if possible, and signed by both parents or by their legal guardian which lists:
a. the parents’ (or legal guardian’s) address and telephone number, and
b. the name, address and telephone number of the adult who will look after the child in Canada.
The procedures:
1. Child’s parents or legal guardians must sign a “Parental Consent to Custodianship”, granting an adult person the authority to act as child’s custodian. This form must be notarized in the parent’s home country and sent to us for processing the study permit application.2. Upon receipt of the notarized Parental Consent and after payment of the necessary fees, the child’s custodian will provide a notarized document that signed by the custodian in Canada, declaring that the custodian has accepted the role of custodian for the child (Custodian Declaration Form (PDF, 1.02 MB).

3. In addition to these two notarized forms, a Letter of Acceptance from a Canadian school along with some other document including proof of financial support and residency services will provide as a supporting document for a study permit application. .
Length of time a study permit is valid
1) For minor children in grades 1 through 8: the study permit is normally valid for one year.
2) For minor children in grades 9 through 12, or attending a post-secondary institution: the study permit is normally valid for the length of time of studies, plus 90 days.
3) For minor children attending a post-secondary institution: the study permit is normally valid for the length of time of studies, plus 90 days.

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