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At YLG, we have the required skills and experience to meet your commercial arbitration needs.

Arbitration is a private dispute resolution process in which parties to a dispute engage a third party to adjudicate some or all of the issues in dispute and render a final and binding written decision.

Like formal adjudication, conducted through the courts or administrative tribunals, arbitration involves the presentation of evidence and legal argument followed by the issuance of a written decision.

The following features distinguish arbitration from traditional adjudication:

  • Private and confidential dispute resolution process, which nevertheless provides the arbitrator with judicial power;
  • Custom designed process to meet the parties’ timelines and substantive needs, resulting in a more time-efficient and cost-effective outcome;
  • Typically, no pre-hearing discovery process, resulting in a more streamlined and faster process;
  • Less formal hearing characterized by a more relaxed application of the rules of evidence.

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