Who can get Canada Business Visitor Visa?

Eligibility requirement for getting Canada business visitor visa:

  1. Plan to stay for less than six months;
  2. Do not plan to enter the Canadian labour market;
  3. Main place of business, and source of income and profits, is outside Canada;
  4. Have documents that support your application and meet Canada’s basic entry requirements such as having a valid travel document and having enough money for the stay and to return home;
  5. Must be engaged in a cross-border business include:
    • Buying Canadian goods or services for a foreign business or government;
    • Taking orders for goods or services;
    • Going to meetings, conferences, conventions or trade fairs;
    • Giving after-sales service (managing, not doing hands-on labour);
    • Being trained by a Canadian parent company that you work for outside Canada;
    • Training employees of a Canadian branch of a foreign company or
    • being trained by a Canadian company that has sold you equipment or services.

[1] For more information on who can get Canada business visitor visa please visit online: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/business-who.asp