Farahnaz Sobhani

Immigration Clerk
  • Experience :
    9 Years

Personal Biography

Farahnaz Sobhani was born in 1988 in a well-educated sophisticated family in one of the most beautiful cultural cities of Iran, Esfahan. She spent her childhood educating in top schools of her fatherland city. She entered the Law School of University of Esfahan, one of the most high-leveled education centres in Iran after she got her diploma successfully in Literature and human science in early 2006. She graduated from that university in International Law field and got her Bachelor of Art with grade A in 2010.
Thereupon, having endless enthusiasm in learning Law, she entered the Law School of Azad University of Tehran, to continue her educations in International Law filed in the same year.
Having passed multiple various law courses with top-notched professors, productively, she passed her thesis and graduated as a M.A of International Law in 2012.
In the meanwhile she got married in 2012 and after her graduation, she and her husband immigrated to Canada hoping find substantial goals and achieve glorious successes in their new homeland in 2015.
Having said that she never could uncouple herself from the thirst of learning, she could find her way to her next life milestone and stepped into the Academy of Learning of Toronto to continue her educations in Law field and commenced the Paralegal program in 2015.
According to her Legal knowledge background, she finished her course proudly and got her Paralegal Diploma in 2016.
In spite of the competitive job market in GTA and depending on her prevailing knowledge and educational base, soon she got her first job in Delsouzi Immigration Services as an Immigration Case Worker in 2016.
After her valuable job experience in Delsouzi Immigration Services for a while, she gave birth to her son in 2018.
She resumed her professional life with her new position in Yazdani Law Group frim as an Immigration Clerk since early 2020 so far.
Farahnaz has been always aspirant to learn, explore and be hard worker in her path to new triumphs.