Purchase Loan Agreement

YLG has provided its clients full legal support for reviewing a written contract between buyer and seller including Purchase Loan Agreement.

An agreement of purchase and sale is used for the purchase of a property. This document will outline details, such as price and a time period for closing. For who are seeking the legal counsel of a real estate lending and borrowing. We can help identify the different perspectives that go into financing a property.

We ensure that when you are looking to close on a property that all necessary financial documents are subject to a proper review. Also, these documents are analyzed and documented correctly as well so that in the event of a default, you can recover your funds. We can also help with drafting and negotiate any and all potential loan documents or credit enhancements. Whether you are an investor or working with a financial institution, you should know how wisely your funds are being lent, and how your investment can be protected.

Ultimately, we can help ensure that your funds are being as securely invested as you desire. Our legal advice can help you ensure that a technical defect doesn’t void the enforceability of your loan and can assist should the borrower default under their loan.

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