Condominium Project Legal Management

We cover all aspects of condominium development and condominium management, as well as litigation matters. Yazdani Law Group acts on behalf of developers, Condominium Corporations, Condominium Boards, Property Managers and individual unit owners.

We provide a broad range of legal services relative to residential and commercial condominiums, from condominium development and conversions, through enforcement of liens, court enforcement proceedings and the purchase and sale of individual condominium units.

We draft condominium declarations, by-laws, rules, and exclusive use agreements. We provide legal and risk management advice to Condo Boards, avoid court through effective negotiations with unit owners, municipalities or board members, formulate and implement by-laws and rules to proactively address issues which typically form the basis for disputes.

We also create leverage and assist in negotiations with third party suppliers such as contractors, property managers or governmental agencies, plan and implement condominium conversion strategies, both with municipalities and with occupants; ensure resolutions are properly drafted and implemented and review third party contracts. We develop and implement risk management strategies to protect condo board members from liability for breach of statutory obligations under the Act, negotiate with municipalities for development or re-development approvals, represent clients in court proceedings to enforce by-laws, to defend corporations in litigation matters, and to enforce with the Condominium Act and arrange for registration of by-laws, liens, title, descriptions and other real estate documentation.

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